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Local Control - Demanding Trust and Respect from Des Moines

I have seen, first-hand, corporate and national interests overrun our state legislature this year. And I have seen Des Moines turn away from us, forgetting the people they serve. We deserve better. We deserve trust—we deserve respect—we deserve accountability. I want to take what I know to be the true character of Iowans and return it to our state capitol.

By doing so, I stand on the shoulders of so many people whom I trust and respect. Time and time again, people in my community have helped their neighbors—because in Iowa, we stand for something greater than just ourselves as individuals.

That’s why I’m running for Senate District 42.

I’m running because we deserve a state senate that honors the integrity of our land, the safety of our families, and the future of our planet. I’m running because we deserve a state senate that respects the vitality of our small towns and respects each of us who live here—our local elected officials, our teachers and librarians, our farmers, our workers, our parents, grandparents, and children—respects who we are and the rights that we will maintain.

It is not the role of the state legislature to judge us.

It is not the role of the legislature to bully us.

It is not the state government’s job to take away my neighbors' land through eminent domain and fill the wallets of Texas corporate executives and Iowa political kingmakers.

Look, we know that power can be a corrupting force, and this is what we see playing out in the halls of Des Moines right now.


I will demand an end to the overreach. I will oppose any legislation that seeks to undermine the trust that we have in our locally-elected officials or that tries to bully and shame our neighbors.

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