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The State Senate Campaign Decision

It was never my intention to run for a political office. But ​​fighting the CO2 pipelines made me realize how important it is to stand neighbor-to-neighbor and make sure that rural values are honored in Des Moines. I spoke out about protecting our families, safeguarding our land, and honoring our property rights.


But Des Moines refused to listen.

Power is a corrupting force, and when power lies in the hands of one, sole group, it can run unchecked. Many of our legislators seem to have fallen under the power of billion-dollar corporate executives and political kingmakers - they have forgotten about us, the ones whose honesty, integrity, courage, and independence make our state such a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

I decided to stand up for us—I decided to bring our values to Des Moines.


We need to restore balance to our political institutions.

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