Where Do My Values Come From?
The Farm

Hard work. Independence. Accountability.
Pride in a Job Well Done.
A Willingness to Learn.
Humility and Respect for Mother Nature.

My values come from the farm. To me, the farm is more than a piece of ground—more than a title on a property deed. It’s my root—it’s the source of who I am. I am the 7th generation in my family to live on the fertile Iowa soil, and the connection to the land runs deep.

I am the daughter of a farmer, and I grew up during the farm crisis—the 1980s. It was a difficult time for everyone, and we were no exception. We didn’t have two nickels to rub together. But what kept us going was the farm—we didn’t want to lose the farm. True, we could have just sold our ground, moved to town, and had my dad take up a different trade. But we never quit. And even as a young girl, I felt, somehow, that we weren’t doing everything we could to save the farm just because of us… Mother Nature had taught us a lesson. When you grow up on the land, your obligation—your place in life, your duty and your joy—comes from living your life in relation to something that is greater than just yourself.

And that forms your character.