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Public Schools - The Lifeblood of Our Communities

Public education is about believing in the young people of our community and providing them with the opportunities to develop their lives—handing them the keys for discovering their own “pursuit of happiness.” Education belongs to each and every one of us because education is connected to our dignity and development as human beings.

Our public schools make a promise to the next generation. They tell our children: We believe in you—in who you are and in who you will choose to become.

For me, that belief is a fundamental value, and I think that it’s a value shared by a lot of Iowans. That’s why schools are the lifeblood of rural communities. How many of us cheer on the local football and softball teams, enjoy the high school plays and the band concerts, and attend the graduation parties? We take pride in our schools, and we work to see the next generation inherit the best of ourselves through our support of public education.


I will tirelessly advocate for our public schools, and I will work to put Iowa back on a path to regain its place as

#1 in the nation for public education.

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